I am April, I am 19 years old. Since I got here, I have had a lot of support. and that makes me very happy. I currently live with my family. They don’t know that I’m here with you, that’s why I don’t show my face. Maybe it’s very fast, but if I want to get to the top 100 of the best models, I know I can do it. Getting into the corridor of fame is really my goal. If you want things that are not on the menu, you can see them in a private show, remember that here all things are possible. remember that this is my room and you must follow my rules. The same happens when we are in PVT, you can’t be rude when I don’t want you to be. I really like the long lasting tips 111 tks is delicious and I love it. 555 tks is made by those who love me, and they can take it from the tip menu, and 1111 tks is a tip that makes me very happy, because I know that you support me and want me to achieve my dreams. Judgemental behavior it is strictly forbidden. Although most of us think differently, I do not accept people judging me or my work because at the end of the day if you created an account here, you are not better then any of us, but you can always be worse.

Come to my Freemium Cam Room, I promise I will be kind for you!

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