hello to everyone who reads it! I become a model that no so long, and a strip chart my first site. you know that I am an honest and not a greedy lady relating to fulfilling your requests! but during this time everything in my life has changed. including the rules in my room… first rule: that you must know and remember here, all standard inquiries only tips in the tip menu !!! the second rule: see a naked Lisa in a public room only if I want and I wish you to see it. everything else that you want or desired from me depends only on the quality of your vibrations! So… if you want to see anything, hear anything and the else, but you do not to tip, how the room rules demand… well… wait when for someone else to get pleasure with me, but not you. Those who tip control the show.

You can come to my room, and we will have a nice conversation to start with.

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