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Hell there. Feel welcome here, I am happy you are here. I am Amy, I have 29 years, and I am happy to see you here. I am a live cam girl since last weekend, it was an exciting move to make, but I love every moment of it. I am so happy I graduated in English Classes, so I can speak with you in a proper way. I am a little classy myself, I love a guy who is nice, talks correctly to a woman, and I am always into meeting new people in my room who feel the same as I do. If you like to get to know me better, come to my free chat room. When you are here for the first time and you are a little agitated by the 2-minute restriction in my room, do not worry, that is here for a reason to scare of the freeloaders. When you claim a free fan account, and that will only take 60 seconds, you will have NO limits in my free chat room, you can hang out as long as you wish!

I am always smiling when I see new people in my room. Join me and let's talk!
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