Hi I am Demi. Shy, Horny, but shy LoL. I was born in a small town somewhere faraway. My childhood was full of cinema and theatre, so I love it really. I dedicated my life to music, graduated from music school and was an honour student. I dream of singing on the stage, and composing my own sets. I was into sports as well. Horses, judo, dancing, gym.Look, I love reading too.I like interesting people, get acquainted easy and love social life too.Music. I love latin, dance, ragga, funk, jazz, rock and po disco music. I love cooking, and I really know how to make things tasty. LoL. I want to practice my languages and my feminine side too Lol. Love sex, Love life. Thank you for visiting my room, Enjoy! I am very impressive girl trust me! LoL.

I am waiting for you in my live cam room and hope to see you soon!

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