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Hello, I am happy to have caught your attention, and I am not a bad choice, if you like a girl who knows how to combine seduction with sensuality then you should read on. I am Emily, and I added the Doule ‘ii’ to my name cause if I am not original in one thing it is carrying the name many other girls have. Anyways, nice to meet you, I am a versatile woman, with an open mind, ready to have new experiences. I am an outgoing girl with an easy-going flexible mind, extremely happy, very flirtatious, and always Into making you smile. I am pretty new to this work, but since the first minute, I start I am into it, this is something I should have done since I turned 18 hardly 2 years ago, I am still a young adult and for the next 20 years I will remain like this. Would you like to become part of my day, and take a step into my life?

If you take me privately I will get undressed and show you how sexy my body looks like.
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