Hello, I am Erika and when you are with me in one room you will notice that I am a combination of Sexuality, intelligence humor, and Smart comments. I am not sitting still in my life, I sport a lot, and I am crazy about full-contact fighting sports.  I also have acquired fighting skills, Taekwondo, my favorite. Do you think I am afraid of walking in a somewhat dark street? Give it to me and you will wake up 3 later with your balls down your throat. I am not a sweety, I am not your Baby, I am your LADY!! Guys kicking off with science facts in my room have my attention. smart jokers are prioritized, polite people deserve my spotlight, freeloaders and assholes can get my foot up in their ass!  On a side note, I like Karaoke, and I am in love with my Accordion, ready to smack your face on the ground for me?

Get into my bedroom, claim your free fan account for unrestricted access!
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