How to Start your Session

We have seen many people come to our free chat rooms and struggling to capture the attention of a cam girl. Most of the time they are not the only person in a cam room, and this causes sometimes some frustration, cause you really like this live cam performer and the time is now and here, you want her! Here we will help you with how to start your session in a nice way!

How to get her attention!

When you visit one of our models that are nominated to be part of our AdultList you will have the basic privileges, you will have no access to her explicit content, you will just see her free pictures that are non-nude, and you will have the option to communicate for free for a limited time. Is this enough to make her eyes find you? NO! In most cases, she will not see you cause her chat view is separated into 2 sections, free and registered users. You can type what you want, as long she not flips to her 2nd view and checks her messages there you have more results talking to a tree.

We will, however, save you this frustration and disappointments that follow shortly after you feel ‘ignored’ … First, you have to accept the above explanation, you were not seen by her, even if she is a multi-tasker, she has probably 50-60+ messages in her free chat room. It is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. So, what can you do about this?

  1. First, let’s drop this gray color you have in your chat name. It is a depressing color, to begin with, no one is happy reading gray lines. So, we are going to press the “Join Now for FREE” button that is on your right upper hand in the corner. When you press this button you will see a little square appearing on yoru monitor, it has 3 empty fields you can fill in.
  • Username – Pick one you feel comfortable with
  • Password – Dont use the one your wife knows about
  • E-mail – Here you will receive the confirmation of your free membership
  • Do not forget A Membership is always free and we will never charge you for this!

After you have completed these 3 simple steps, you will receive an email notification with a link inside that you need to click to confirm your free membership. Ones you have done this, you can return to and use your credentials to logon to the site and visit your model. Yes, she will see you come into the room, you are a verified user, not a freeloader anymore. Congratulations, you managed now to pop up in her first screen, and she will see it. Depending on what you do next makes the difference!

We promised that we would tell you the simple and most effective way to get her attention and that we will do. You can add a few credits to your account, use your card, the one you use to buy stuff online, and add a few dollars to it. Now you have arrows on your bow, cause you can TIP the model. Tips are little virtual presents that are not expensive, but it will convert for the model into a real currency, so, you have her attention now, you are throwing money into her direction. Now after you first tip, speak to her, and you will have a reply in seconds. In many cases, she will see the tip and thank you out loud and suddenly you and she have this emotional connection! And this is where all the good things happen!

Be kind when you give a tip. Act like you give a flower to your secret flame, you want to see her smile and that is your reward. Do not milk your generosity to receive confirmation of you being in her room. There is a fine line between being modest and being a possessive creepy guy that manipulates in an emotional way. Ones you tipped her, things will start. There is no end when you give someone a present, it is the start of something unique.

We hope you will have a great time at Adult List and find a compatible partner to share your erotic fantasies with.

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