My element is fire. In the soul, in the body, in the relationship. My source of inspiration is passion. I live greedily and passionately. Savoring every minute of my life. I am color blind, so the last time I painted, I confused black and green. My zodiac sign is Aquarius. I love books and films about serial killers, just do not see this as an invitation! I’m introvert but online I have a big mouth. I used to do knife fighting but I cut doing that. My real eye color is green, but I wear gray lenses and yet I am color blind, so maybe I fucked up there a little. I have a cat, half of her life I thought it was a boy, gender issues in my world! I have been working as a webcam model for two years now and one of my nicknames was the name of a vaping liquid cause that sounded original. My piercings and tattoos are some of the spontaneous decisions I make all the time, when drunk and high as a kite.

Say “Hello” when you are in my cam room. I love to have a talk with you.

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