Ohhh Weeee, you can call me Mel, I am here because I love men with humor and a darker sarcastic side, and with some knowledge, and on a cam site like Freemium Cams a lot of people pass by, and a lot with experiences, I am catching here and there a nice guy who knows how to make his past of pain and losing love have him develop healthy humor about it. Guys like this never claim you, guys like this do not think you are an object. The broken hearts and damaged guys are my favorites, they are pure and have lost and loved, and I admire this. If you feel like trusting me, having a sexy talk with me, or just be funny with me, you will be welcome in my room. PS, I can squirt, and I never fake my masturbation moments

It would be a pleasure if you say “Hello there beauty” to me! Make my day!

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