Moods of a cam girl

The various Moods of a cam girl

When you visit our live cams, you will see hundreds of people live in these very moments. When you have such a large selection of ladies online waiting for you to spend time with them you can fully understand that most of the time a Cam Girl is waiting for her loyal fans, her clients that are part of her day, during her day she will listen to music, maybe watch a movie or in many cases, reading a book. You will see a real human being, a lady with a heartbeat, waiting for her lover, and this is not always rewarded by her visitors. There are many different nationalities and cultures passing by in her cam room, some are rude, some are insulting, and some try to intimidate the girl, just because they can and feel like it. This generates moods, and this makes life more interesting, but also a little harder, especially when you are communicating with a live cam girl who is thousands of miles away!

It is easy to be a Jerk

Talking trash to people is easy, it also reflects how you see and love yourself, and making an innocent girl part of this is something not many other guys can appreciate seeing you do this. If you are a Trash Talker, and you enjoy putting people in a corner and making them feel bad, just ask yourself, do you deserve to be talked to like this? Probably not. You will raise your fists and challenge the person for a fight and defend your honor, so what makes you think it is nice to hide behind a monitor and insult girls whos motivations are to share joy and sincere pleasure, a jerk like you should not even deserve to be watching them for free like the cheap voyeur you are! It is easy being a Jerk! And you will know in time that when you look back in your life you will have regrets and negative emotions. Stop being a Jerk is a start!

We do not have the cure

But we do have a handy tool for you that can help you generate some insight and tell you where these emotions are coming from. If this helps you to understand yourself and how you are perceived by others then very maybe you have the keys to improvement in your hands right now. It is never too late to become a better person, it is never too late to admit that we can all do better on this world, and then let us agree we will not take it out on the hard-working live cam girls who are here to give us the erotic pleasure we search for. We should show some appreciation and be grateful there are girls who are giving us what we need. It makes our lives so much easier!

Be the Gentle Man

So, now you have the insight into your own emotions, frustrations and whatever other feelings you may have.  Knowledge is power, the power to change is incredible, it can move mountains, it can change lives, it can help you feel better about yourself.

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