Hi, I am Sally, I am 18 years, and I am very open and nice to be with. I am young but very responsible. Where the pretty girls went clubbing and being picked up by nice guys, I put my heads in the books. I live to absorbed information and learn new things every day. I have a petite body, normal breasts, and I speak English. I like to surprise the people in my room, but sometimes I am out of ideas, and I do not like to repeat things I have already done before. I love to be in the open air, nature, walking in the parks. I do not like people in my room who are rude and are just here to irritate me, sure I will overlook them, but it makes me think “Do those people have a life at all” … Anyways, for those who are here with good intentions, I have a great imagination and I can be very funny! PS, I am from Ukraine!

Feel welcome, just click here, and we are together in my free chat room.
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